Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worst blogger ever.

There are a few things you should know about this post:

1. Pictures of ingredients are empty. I wish I could've taken photos of the awesome ingredients I've used in my recipes prior to using them all. Sadly, instead, I have pictures of empty bags and jars. Very attractive, I know.

2. There are no pictures of pretty plated meals. You'll see shortly that I've just taken photos of the food in Tupperware for storage.

3. Some recipes I whipped up aren't pictured at all because I ate them already.

4. The ingredient amounts are all approximate, as I did not measure anything.

In short, I'm the worst blogger ever. Enjoy!

First: Raw sundried tomato zucchini hummus.

Basically I tweaked the raw zucchini hummus that's all over the internet to create a spicy sundried tomato one. I'm thrilled with the result despite it being pretty seriously spicy.

4 small zucchini, chopped
Many spoonfuls of raw tahini:

Juice of 1 lemon
Some salt
Some black pepper
Some dried basil
Many sundried tomatoes (more than pictured)
Lots of red pepper flakes (more than pictured as well)

Mix all of the above in food processor, and voila:

The color kind of sucks to tell you the truth, but for good reason! Many people say to peel your zucchini before putting it in the food processor. I say, why would you eliminate greens from your life? I'm no zucchini expert, but I'm pretty sure that dark green skin must be good for me. I kept it, and thus green mixed with the reddish color of my sundried tomatoes created a brownish final product. So be it!

The sundried tomatoes weren't even truly RED because I got the kind without any preservatives:

Anyhow, delicious. That hummus is going to be a big part of my lunches for this coming week.

Second: Raw frozen chocolate banana mousse

(Yes, that's it in tupperware, with a spoonful already eaten.)

2 bananas
A few spoonfuls of raw almond butter with agave:

A few spoonfuls of raw cacao powder
Splash of raw agave nectar
Raw cacao nibs

Blend up all ingredients except for cacao nibs in food processor. Add the cacao in at the end and blend up just a little. You end up with a sort of pudding, which is pretty great. However, I like frozen ice-cream type creations. The term frozen mousse is just a fancy name I made up to try to describe the texture. Whatever you want to call it, it was delicious.

Third: I also made another variation of this stuff, but I ate it already. I called it
Frozen banana walnut mousse.

2 bananas
A few spoonfuls of raw almond butter with agave
Splash of raw agave nectar
Handful of walnuts

Blend first three ingredients 'til they're a smooth consistency. Then, add walnuts and mix just a little.

Freeze and you have something that tastes kind of like frozen banana bread batter. I should've added some cinnamon & nutmeg! Yum.

That's all! This was fun.


  1. it takes awhile and then you slowly start rearranging your life so you can get better food pics. you find yourself looking at dishes in cooking stores. not to eat off but to photograph well. then you artfully design your meal and invest in a good camera. you grab your partner's meal out of their hands before they can take a bite to snap a pic. then you've arrived.

    you are forgiven! you are human! a good chef can just look at a list of ingredients and decide if they'd taste good together. :-) like all of yours do.

  2. I really just found it comical that I pretty much did EVERYTHING wrong (with the exception of not including pictures at all), which I was aware of but too lazy to correct!

    Sounds like you put a whole lot of brainpower into your wonder it's so nice to read :)

  3. All of your recipes sound really good! Bitt's right... soon you will be the crazy blogger person with the camera, taking photos of everything you eat from very calculated angles :).

  4. Where did you get that Almond Butter? It sounds yummy! Your hummus recipe sounds awesome. I keep trying to find sulfate-free sun-dried tomatoes to no avail where I live!

  5. The almond butter was such an exciting find -- it was reasonably priced next to all the other raw almond butters that cost $17! I got it at a store near my parents' house called Wegmans.

  6. Just came across your blog and we share the same name :) It takes awhile to get in the groove of taking pictures. Sometimes I still forget. It happens. Hummus looks delicious, love hummus ;)

  7. Wow, hi Lori! Love your guys' blog & honored to have a comment from you! :)

    I've really neglected mine, and hope that once some big life milestones are done with (take my physical therapy board exam, begin working at a new job) I'll come back to it.

    Hummus IS delicious!

  8. Aren't empty containers and food that doesn't survive to be photographed the very best evidence of deliciousness? :D gratz!