Monday, January 18, 2010

It's hard to say if anyone might've glanced over to read this thing. I'm amused by talking to myself anyway, so this isn't too much of a change.

It's a holiday today (ty MLK), so I have time to play around in the kitchen, hopefully make up some things for the rest of the week, and dilly dally by posting something here.

This morning for breakfast I had some of the best green juice I've ever made. Usually I sit with my juice for about half an hour, sipping slowly. Veggie juice isn't something you typically want to chug. This stuff, however, was: Celery, Spinach, Granny Smith Apple,  Ginger, & Lime.

Then, bored, I made fudgey little macaroons in attempt to 1) use the figs I haven't eaten, which may or may not go bad (do they?), and 2) try to futilely acquire a vita-mix for free via Chocolate-Covered Katie's Vitameata Vita-mix Giveaway.

Inspired by her recipe for Hot Cocoa Fudge Babies, I made my own recipe with the ingredients I had on hand --

1 cup cashews
1 [heaping] cup Turkish figs with those little hard stems removed
3 TBSP raw cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
Water to achieve fudgy consistency (probably a couple tablespoons)

Blend all of the above in a food processor, and then take little marble-sized chunks and roll into balls. I used unsweetened coconut flakes to roll them in, hence their looking like macaroons.

Post edited! I got my computer all fixed up (I reset it approximately three times, and now it can read my SD card.) Behold the picture of the pretty dessert:

They turned out tasting kind of like chocolatey Lara Bars, with a fig crunch. (Yum.) My non-raw roommates tried and loved them too. I should set a limit for myself with these because they're too good not to!  That said, I wonder if my new, cheap, dial scale from Target is accurate. It'd be nice to have like a 10 pound weight around for calibration's sake.

Anyway, cross your fingers about the vita-mix. Winning one would be a DREAM, especially because of my non-paying physical therapy rotation that I'm currently on.


  1. The macaroons look delicious! and isn't great to start or finish the day with a green juice?!;-o)

  2. Katie -- thank you! You're a miracle worker doing this giveaway...a saint even.

    HippieMom -- yes yes yes. Or a green smoothie :)